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Cable reel series PR equipped with stopping device, designed to recoil a steel cable to which tools, that have to be lowered to the work area for a limited period, may be suspended. By releasing the stopping device, the objects may be raised again above the operating area after use. The capacity of these cable reels is set at the factory and is not, therefore, adjustable by the user. “Rotolift” can be used in garages equipped with an overhead exhaust discharge system, which utilises flexible down pipe connecting hoses. In this case, when the flexible hose is not in use, “Rotolift” keeps it up, above the operating area.

DescriptionArt.Portata (kg)Corsa fune (mm)
662811 - 184000+3000
66279 - 124000+3000
66265,5 - 8,54000+3000