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Diagnostics equipment designed to allow car mechanics to test motor electrical components (such as coils, electric injectors, adjusting valves etc.) without having to remove them or disconnect them and without stripping or damaging cables. The instrument must be powered by a 12V power supply (car battery) and is equipped with an inductive probe which, when placed close to the component to be tested, confirms its operation with an audible and visual indicator. The equipment detects the magnetic field generated by the component when engine is started or is working. – Saves time – Helps fault finding – Identifies the defective component without removing it 90% of the times! – Prevents cable and connector damage Example of testable components: Petrol and diesel electric injectors, petrol and diesel injectors-pump, flow regulators, solenoid valves, high voltage coils, spark plugs, egr valves, idle speed adjusting valves