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  • Die-cast aluminium case
  • Cable roller guide
  • Ratchet stop device every 50 cm.All cable reels are supplied with predisposition for cable-stop device off. It can be easily inserted.
  • Double earth contact.
  • Collector insulating power 2,5 Kv.
  • Brass-rings collector and special brushes with minimum impedance drop.
  • Slipring with brass rings and brushes.
  • Protection degree IP43.
  • Working temperature -5°C/+50°C.
  • Delivered without cable at feeding side.
  • Available both with PVC cable and rubber cable.


ART. 949/PR
Optional device to make the fastening bracket of PRC series cable reels fixed instead of pivoting.

DescriptionArt.Conductor numberConductor sectionCable length (m)KW cable woundKW cable unwoundMax Current (A)Cable typeØ cable (mm)Collettore maggiorato
6340/PRL1 X2.530H05V-F5.5
6386/PRL1 X626H05V-F5.5*
6384/PRL1 X1617H05V-F8*
6341/PRL2 X1201 @230V1.7 @230V1H05VV-F6
6383/PRL2 X1261 @230V1.7 @230V1H05VV-F6
6382/PRL2 X1.5261.1 @230V1.8 @230V1.1H05VV-F8
6380/PRL2 X2.5231.8 @230V2.5 @230V1.8H05VV-F9
6378/PRL3 G1261 @230V1.7 @230V1H05VV-F6,5
6377/PRL3 G1.5261.1 @230V1.8 @230V1.1H05VV-F7
6377/PRL RNF3 G1.5221.1 @230V1.8 @230V1.1H07RN-F9,5
6375/PRL3 G2.5172 @230V3 @230V2H05VV-F10
6376/PRL3 G2.5172 @230V3 @230V2H05VV-F10*
6375/PRL RNF3 G2.5142 @230V3 @230V2H07RN-F11,5
6376/PRL RNF3 G2.5142 @230V3 @230V2H07RN-F11,5*
6373/PRL4 G1260.8 @400V1.4 @400V0.8H05VV-F7
6372/PRL4 G1.5231.1 @400V1.8 @400V1.1H05VV-F8,5
6372/PRL RNF4 G1.5181.1 @400V1.8 @400V1.1H07RN-F10,5
6370/PRL4 G2.5172 @400V3 @400V2H05VV-F11
6525/PRL4 G2.5172 @400V3 @400V2H05VV-F11*
6525/PRL RNF4 G2.5122 @400V3 @400V2H07RN-F12,5*
6396/PRL4 G4103 @400V4 @400VH05VV-F14*
6136/PRL5 G1180.8 @400V1.4 @400V0.8H05VV-F7,5
6140/PRL5 G1.5171.5 @400V2.2 @400V1.5H05VV-F9,5
6154/PRL5 G2.5122 @400V3 @400V2H05VV-F12.5
6156/PRL5 G2.5122 @400V3 @400V2H05VV-F12.5*
6156/PRL RNF5 G2.5102 @400V3 @400V2H07RN-F13,5*
6138/PRL7 X1183H05VV-F8,5
6142/PRL7 X1.5114.5H05VV-F10,5
6139/PRL8 X1133H05VV-F10
6143/PRL8 X1.5104.5H05VV-F11,5
6196/PRL8 X2.587.5H05VV-F14
6144/PRL10 X1103H05VV-F13
6146/PRL10 X1.584.5H05VV-F15,5
6614/PRL12 X1123H05VV-F13
6616/PRL12 X1.584.5H05VV-F13,5
6145/PRL16 X183H05VV-F14