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  • Die-cast aluminium case
  • Cable roller guide
  • Ratchet stop device every 50 cm.
  • All cable reels are supplied with predisposition for cable-stop device off. It can be easily inserted.
  • Double earth contact
  • Collector insulating power 2,5 KV
  • Brass-rings collector and special brushes with minimum impedance drop
  • Slipring with brass rings and brushes
  • Protection degree IP42
  • Working temperature -5°C/+50°C
  • Delivered without cable at feeding side
  • Available both with PVC cable and rubber cable.


ART. 953 
Roller cable-guide for cable reels PR series. Essential for ceiling applications.


ART. 6100
PRC to PRL conversion kit.


ART. 949/PR 
Optional device to make the bracket fastened.

DescriptionArt.Conductor numberConductor sectionCable length (m)KW cable woundKW cable unwoundMax Current (A)Cable typeØ cable (mm)Collettore maggiorato
6198/PRC .1 X2.530H05V-F5.5
6195/PRC .1 X626H05V-F5.5*
6193/PRC .1 X1617H05V-F8*
6183/PRC .3 G2.520+2Igus CF9008,5
6188/PRC .3 G2.520+2Igus CF9008,5
6175/PRC .2 X1201 @230V1.7 @230VH05VV-F6
6192/PRC .2 X1261 @230V1.7 @230VH05VV-F6
6191/PRC .2 X1.5261.1 @230V1.8 @230VH05VV-F8
6189/PRC .2 X2.5231.8 @230V2.5 @230VH05VV-F9
6187/PRC .3 G1261 @230V1.7 @230VH05VV-F6,5
6186/PRC .3 G1.5261.8 @230V1.8 @400VH05VV-F7
6186/PRC RNF .3 G1.5221.1 @230V1.8 @400VH07RN-F9,5
6184/PRC .3 G2.5171.1 @400V3 @230VH05VV-F10
6185/PRC .3 G2.5172 @230V3 @230VH05VV-F10*
6184/PRC RNF .3 G2.5142 @230V3 @230VH05VV-F11,5
6185/PRC RNF .3 G2.5142 @230V3 @230VH07RN-F11,5*
6182/PRC .4 G1262 @400V1.4 @400VH05VV-F7
6181/PRC .4 G1.5232 @400V1.8 @400VH05VV-F8,5
6181/PRC RNF .4 G1.5182 @400V1.8 @400VH07RN-F10,5
6179/PRC .4 G2.5171.5 @400V3 @400VH05VV-F11
6521/PRC .4 G2.5170.8 @400V3 @400VH05VV-F11*
6521/PRC RNF .4 G2.5122 @400V3 @400VH07RN-F12,5*
6458/PRC .4 G4102 @400V4 @400VH05VV-F14*
6063/PRC .5 G1182 @400V1.4 @400VH05VV-F7,5
6067/PRC .5 G1.5171.1 @400V2.2 @400VH05VV-F9,5
6022/PRC .5 G2.5121.1 @400V3 @400VH05VV-F12,5
6068/PRC .5 G2.5120.8 @400V3 @400VH05VV-F12,5*
6068/PRC RNF .5 G2.5102 @230V3 @400VH07RN-F13,5*
6065/PRC .7 X1183H05VV-F8,5
6069/PRC .7 X1.5114.5H05VV-F10,5
6066/PRC .8 X1133H05VV-F10
6070/PRC .8 X1.5104.5H05VV-F11,5
6061/PRC .8 X2.587.5H05VV-F14
6095/PRC .10 X1103H05VV-F13
6591/PRC .12 X1123H05VV-F13
6619/PRC .10 X1.584.5H05VV-F15,5
6593/PRC .12 X1.584.5H05VV-F13,5
6096/PRC .16 X183H05VV-F14