Feletto 20/04/2020

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

From Monday, the 20th of April 2020, Zeca will open partially, whit a limited number of employees, to support our clients in this difficult moment.

Everything will be done respecting the safety measures to protect our employees’ health while working at the factory.

Everyone whose presence won’t be a priority can keep working from home until further notice.

For every kind of information, feel free to contact us at the mail addresses below:

Orders and Backoffice:

Technical support and assistance:

Thank you


Feletto 14/04/2020

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

As you are aware, the situation generated by the coronavirus is in development with an unpredictable evolution day by day.

As previously underlined, our decisions are driven first,  from the purpose to protect our employers and to help in avoiding the diffusion of the virus, thus since last 13 of march Zeca has suspended its activity in the factory, with the choice of the alternative home working solution.

During the last days, the Italian government has announced a new ordinance that declare as mandatory the closure of all the national manufacturer activities  condsidered as not essential until the 3rd of may 2020.

We will keep you informed about any news may comes in the next days, meanwhile our sales, back offices and technical depts. remain at your full disposal for any further support and information you might need.

Feel free then to get in touch with your usuals Zeca leads or write to export@zeca.It and we will make a point to provide you an answer as soon as possible.

Of course, even during these days our goal is to be at your service and to do our best to support customers and partners.

You all be safe and please take the necessary actions to help ensure your well-being.

Marco Chiarabaglio

Feletto 13/03/2020

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

Zeca SpA always consider as first priority its staff and their families. Each of our decision was and it is taken giving due ward to them.

The staff is the first resource of our company, we are definetely aware of this: we thank indeed every single person of our great Zeca family, for the devotion and commitment showed even more during these days.

The running situation generated from the Coronavirus pandemia is something of unpredictable and inconceivable.

This particular situation has to drive us in unusual, tough but concrete decisions. Decisions we assume with awareness and sense of responsibility.

Thus, we have decided that from Monday 16th until Monday 30th of March we interrupt all the activities in the company.

Commercial and Techincal Dept. will partially operate via e-mail in smart working, in order to manage the enquiries , to provide informations required and to keep in supporting our customers and partners.

It goes without saying we are then ready to share with you any upcoming news might comes.

We thank indeed and once again all persons and companies that are showing in these days real friendship and understanding to Zeca and to our Country. Once we overcome this term, we will be back eager to support you, full of energies and will to accomplish all the customers' needs.

Paolo and Marco Chiarabaglio

Feletto 12/03/2020

Dear Customers and Partners,

As you are certainly aware, the running situation about the Coronavirus-Covid 19 is definetely something unpredictable in its evolution.

For Zeca Spa, safety and health of our employers and cooperators are the main priority. On purpose to protect these second to none values, alongwith the Italian State new guide lines and program declared by the Authorities, we have settled all possible shrewdness to reduce as much as possible any kind of contagion risk.

With an unmatchable cooperation from everybody, our offices, production and logistic are working one hundred per cent return, the goods transportation are allowed and the new national rules put no limits in manufacturing, trade activity nor in good transportations.

Zeca Commercial, Technical and Production departments are as usual and even more availables and ready to provide any feature or information you might need.

Last but not least, we really would like to take this opportunity to thank All those from all Countries get in touch with Zeca in this difficult moment , we do appreciate this witness of friendship and cooperation.

Thank you All