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Reels, lamps and garage tools

The Flex hose pipe is the result of a joint creation and exchange between Zeca, dealers and vehicle bodywork shops.

The initial phase of the project was an accurate analysis of all the bodywork shop processes, from the protection of the vehicle to the cleaning and final finish. The Zeca Research and Development team gathered information in the field on the bend radius of cables and hose pipes during the use of various tools, the characteristics of the fluids used, and dimensions and temperatures of the various work spaces.

Once the prototypes were ready, an Italy-wide tour was organised which involved the sales, marketing and technical departments for over two months. The goal was to discuss and assess the various alternatives with over 200 distributors and bodywork shops.


The result of this research is a silicon-free pipe consisting of:

  • high-strength inner layer, which guarantees maximum mechanical resistance
  • reinforced braid which minimises the memory effect and makes the hose pipe ultra-flexible even with reduced bend radius,
  • anti-static cover which protects the hose pipe from dust for long-lasting use
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The Flex hose reel is available in two diameters (8 mm and 10 mm) in the following formats:

  • in a hose reel, in the 805 and AL Black series
  • in 10 and 15 m coils with fitting
  • in 100 m coils

The 4325/15/A GS3 extension completes the range with three sockets and Schuko plug.

805/8/A FLEX

805/10/A FLEX

4325/15/A GS3

805/8 FLEX

805/10 FLEX