In a constantly changing world, Zeca’s main goal is to make its users’ workplace more efficient and safer every day.


The design of products for the industrial sector always starts from our customers’ instructions: we work out their needs and customise our cable and hose reels to meet them.

Changing a product on request means an in-depth knowledge of the final customer and their working environment. The customer therefore becomes a true business partner we work with throughout the production process.


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a new project idea
is born

The ideas behind new products come to us from multiple sources. One of those is being in contact every day with the distributors and users of our reels and our lamps.
This constant flow of information allows Marketing, Customer Care and the Sales Network to capture first-hand new needs or emerging trends in real time.
Another is our Technical Office and the Research and Development department continuously monitoring technological innovations in our sector and in related ones, proposing new materials and new concepts.
Finally, the Zeca Academy courses on products, markets, and competition, which cyclically involve employees, suppliers, and customers, enrich us with further feedback and ideas.

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From the idea
to project features

An idea transforms into a successful product through an accurate definition of the product characteristics.
In this phase, collaborating, observing, listening to the users becomes crucial to identify the technical, functional, and aesthetic aspects that will allow the new product to solve concrete problems or respond to unexpressed needs.

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Design &

In this phase, the technical office works closely wth the designers so that every product becomes a perfect unio of form and technology.
For us, design includes all aspects of a concept: technical properties, functionality, production and use requirements.
Once we have reached the best possible solution in functional terms, we also aim for the best look.
Excellence for us is style and beauty.

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This phase involves the creation of one or more prototypes that let us identify and correct any structural, ergonomic, functional, or aesthetic imperfections.

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The first test
with users

After an internal testing phase, the prototype is ready to be tested outside the company. Involving users is the best possible way to understand if we are effectively responding to their needs.

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of the line of

We want to make the best product in the best possible working conditions.
Workloads, ergonomics, component logistics: each new production process is designed with the health and well-being of our employees at the center.
In this phase we evaluate whether to implement specific quality controls for the new product at the end of the production process.

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Final Approval

OK from the Zeca Testers : who can tell if a product works, if not who uses it every day? Over the years we have built an international network of professional users: the Zeca Testers. We preview products to them with the aim of collecting feedback and opinions.

OK from the sales network and distributors : the sales network and distributors are also an integral part of this continuous improvement process. Our watchword is "co-create".

OK from the Zeca-Lab : at the same time as the use tests, the product is again subjected to specific tests in our laboratory. It is the test bed of the full efficiency and safety of what we are designing.

Once the OK has been received from the testers, sales network, distributors and laboratory, the new product is launched on the market. Even after the launch, we continue to collect ideas and opinions with a view to continuous improvement.

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Out top project
is being able to meet
your requirements.

“how it’s made”


The construction quality of Zeca’s products has always assured their total reliability. 100% of our reels are checked at the end of the production process. The very low number of returns we receive mainly require wear-related repairs, often after several decades of efficient use. Our technical service department is always available to supply spare parts or to carry out maintenance operation on the products. The response of our service is always very quick and our specialised staff is able to carry out repair operations in just a few days. Our on-going commitment to respecting the environment is also extended to product care throughout its life cycle by reducing wastage and waste.


Zeca’s design perfectly combines design with functionality.
Efficiency, reliability, long life and design, as well as respect for the environment: these are the parameters we base our new product concept on. During the design of professional products, style is as important as functionality. We have always relied on the skills of our in-house designers or of top outsourced designers, such as those from Adriano Design, a product design company winner of multiple international awards (Compasso d’Oro ADI, IF Product Design Award, Design Plus award, Designpreis Deutschland, the Good Design Award).

Our request is always the same: combining functionality and style for each new concept.