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Reels, lamps and garage tools


Glow Wire Test

All our plastic components that come into direct contact with electric current are tested to make sure that an accidental fire can self extinguish, as required by standard EN 60695-11-5.

The Glow Wire Test simulates the effects of overheating a plastic material in the event of an overloaded connector or of an overheated component.

The purpose of this test is to assess the behaviour of the material in direct contact with electric current, the absence of a fire hazard and its resistance to heat.

Climatic chamber

Our products are long lasting even in extreme weather conditions. We test our products well over the stated temperature range, from -40° to +80° and from 5% to 90% for humidity.

To check this performance, we use our new generation environmental chamber, which is able to reproduce the most extreme temperatures and humidity conditions.
Here we can test:
1. ageing, with continuous cycles in a -40° to +80° range
2. the life of the batteries/circuits at their maximum temperatures
3. stiffening at low temperatures of different types of cables and hoses
4. Impact resistance at low temperatures of enclosures
5. resistance to humidity

Shock test

The hose and the fittings can be subjected to sudden changes of pressure.

With Zeca proprietary machinery, we create sudden changes of pressure inside the hose to ensure the resistance and long life of the fittings in the most demanding applications.

Tear test

In some operating conditions, the hose may be subjected to sudden tears.

We are able to simulate tears with impulse loads up to 2000N in our laboratory in order to ensure the resistance to stresses of our products.

Ignition cycle test

We guarantee the resistance to wear over time of the on/off switch fitted to our lamps.

To carry out this test, we use our own machinery that presses the on/off button of the lamps. We subject the button to a staggering 100,000 on/off cycles, thus ensuring maximum reliability and long life.

LED performance test

Zeca’s new generation lamps contain LEDs selected to ensure a continuously intense light over the years.

We make sure that the LEDs of our lamps comply with strict quality parameters by selecting quality components, which are tested in-house.

Lamp Life test

Our rechargeable lamps undergo a test that triggers a continuous switching on, use and recharging cycle, which detects their operating parameters (battery voltage, temperature, charging and operating time).

This test ensures the optimal performance of the product over time.

Drop test

Whilst in use, lamps can accidentally fall.

To ensure impact resistance of our lamps, we subject them to up to 1000 falls from a height of 1.5m, using a basket manufactured in compliance with standard IEC 600 68-2-31.

Once the test is completed, we check that all the product components are working.