SERIES 39900 31900

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SERIES 39900 31900

1200 @ 50 cm

Technical features


39900 is the new Zeca lamp that allows you to work on any type of vehicle, in complete autonomy, illuminating the entire engine compartment or the cabin to perform maintenance operations easily

Optionals and spare parts

Extension for large vehicles from 1550 mm to 2200 mm.

Thanks to the 39900 / K Extender specially designed for your 39900 or 39100 lamp, you can also illuminate large vehicles, such as trucks, vans or campers, relying on a length of up to 2200 cm.

Art. 39900/K

Data sheetArt.Light sourcePowerLuxLumenEnergy Saving
DS_39900_UK.pdf39900LED12 W1200 @ 50 cm500YES
DS_31900_230V_UK.pdf31900 230VLED12 W1200 @ 50 cm500YES
DS_31900_24V_UK.pdf31900 24VLED12 W1200 @ 50 cm500YES