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Technical features

  • Small size.
  • External structure in shockproof plastic.
  • Cable stop device with rack that can be inserted every 50cm.
  • The stopping device can be easily removed if the cable is to be constantly pulled.

  • Ambient temperature of use: -5 ° C / + 50 ° C.
  • Sliding contacts with collector ring and brushes.
  • Degree of protection IP42.
  • Double ground contact.
  • Collector insulation voltage 2.5 KV.
  • Supplied without piece on the power supply side.

  • Data sheetArt.Number of conductorsCross-section (mm2)Cable length (m)Wound cable capacity (@20°C)Unwound cable capacity (@20°C)Power of wound cable ACable power played AKW wound cableKW cable playedCable typeCable diameter (mm)
    DS_9006_UK.pdf90061 X6PVC5.5
    DS_9001_UK.pdf90012 X181.1 KW @ 230V1.6 KW @ 230V4.786.951.11.6PVC6.5
    DS_9002_UK.pdf90022 X1.561.4 KW @ 230V1.9 KW @ 230V6.
    DS_9003_UK.pdf90033 G171.1 KW @ 230V1.6 KW @ 230V4.786.951.11.6PVC6.5
    DS_9004_UK.pdf90041.561.4 KW @ 230V1.9 KW @ 230V6.