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Technical features

Structural elements of the winder in impact-resistant plastic.

  • Roller cable guide mouth.
  • Cable stop device with rack that can be inserted every 50cm. All cable reels are supplied with the cable stop device disconnected. Easily insertable.
  • Double ground contact.
  • Collector insulation voltage 2.5 KV.
  • Sliding contacts with collector ring and brushes.
  • Degree of protection IP42.
  • Ambient operating temperature -5 ° C / + 50 ° C.
  • Supplied without piece on the power supply side.
  • Models with both PVC and rubber cables are available.
  • Optionals and spare parts

    for winder 7000

    Optional device to make the hose reel fixed instead of swiveling.
    Indispensable for ceiling application.

    Art. 949/805-7000

    Safety return for Series 7000

    Safety Return allows the slow rewinding of the cables avoiding dangerous backlashes in case the cable gets out of hand to the operator. Safety Return is an optional braking device for the entire Zeca 7000 series.
    Safety Return is an optional braking device for the entire Zeca 7000 series.

    Art. 7000/SR

    Data sheetArt.Number of conductorsCross-section (mm2)Cable length (m)Wound cable capacity (@20°C)Unwound cable capacity (@20°C)Power of wound cable ACable power played AKW wound cableKW cable playedCable typeCable diameter (mm)
    DS_7116_UK.pdf71161 X1622PVC8
    DS_7215_UK.pdf72152 X1.5271.1 KW @ 230V1.8 KW @ 230V4.787.821.11.8PVC8
    DS_7315_UK.pdf73153 G1.5271.1 KW @ 230V1.8 KW @ 230V4.787.821.11.8PVC7
    DS_7315_RNF_UK.pdf7315 RNF3 G1.5221.1 KW @ 230V1.8 KW @ 230V4.787.821.11.8RUBBER (H07RN-F)9.5
    DS_7325_UK.pdf73253 G2.5222.0 KW @ 230V3.0 KW @ 230V8.6913.0423PVC10
    DS_7325_25_UK.pdf7325/253 G2.5252.0 KW @ 230V3.0 KW @ 230V8.6913.0423PVC8.5
    DS_7325_RNF_UK.pdf7325 RNF3 G2.5192.0 KW @ 230V3.0 KW @ 230V8.6913.0423RUBBER (H07RN-F)11.5
    DS_7415_UK.pdf74154 G1.5271.1 KW @ 400V1.8 KW @ 400V2.754.51.11.8PVC8.5
    DS_7415_RNF_UK.pdf7415 RNF4 G1.5181.1 KW @ 400V1.8 KW @ 400V2.754.51.11.8RUBBER (H07RN-F)10.5
    DS_7425_UK.pdf74254 G2.5202.0 KW @ 400V3.0 KW @ 400V57.523PVC11
    DS_7425_RNF_UK.pdf7425 RNF4 G2.5152.0 KW @ 400V3.0 KW @ 400V57.523RUBBER (H07RN-F)12.5
    DS_7515_UK.pdf75155801 BY1.5221.5 KW @ 400V2.2 KW @ 400V3.755.51.52.2PVC9.5
    DS_7515_RNF_UK.pdf7515 RNF5801 BY1.5171.5 KW @ 400V2.2 KW @ 400V3.755.51.52.2RUBBER (H07RN-F)12
    DS_7525_UK.pdf75255801 BY2.5172.0 KW @ 400V3.0 KW @ 400V57.523PVC12.5
    DS_7525_RNF_UK.pdf7525 RNF5801 BY2.5122.0 KW @ 400V3.0 KW @ 400V57.523RUBBER (H07RN-F)13.5