Technical features

  • Structural elements of the winder in shockproof plastic.
  • Roller cable guide mouth.
  • Cable stop device with rack that can be inserted every 50 cm. Easily eliminated if the cable is constantly in traction.
  • Double ground contact.
  • Collector insulation voltage 2.5 KV.
  • Sliding contacts with collector ring and brushes.
  • Degree of protection IP42.
  • Supplied without piece on the power supply side.
  • Models with both PVC and rubber cables are available.
  • Ambient temperature of use: -5 ° / + 50 °.
  • Optionals and spare parts

    for winder 4000

    Optional device to make the hose reel fixed instead of swiveling.
    Indispensable for ceiling application.

    Art. 949/804-4000

    Cable reel with Schuko plugs and sockets


    Data sheetArt.Number of conductorsCross-section (mm2)Cable length (m)Wound cable capacity (@20°C)Unwound cable capacity (@20°C)Power of wound cable ACable power played AKW wound cableKW cable playedCable typeCable diameter (mm)
    DS_4106_UK.pdf41061 X616PVC5.5
    DS_4116_UK.pdf41161 X1611PVC8
    DS_4210_UK.pdf42102 X1180.9 KW @ 230V1.4 KW @ 230V3.916.080.91.4PVC6
    DS_4210_RNF_UK.pdf4210 RNF2 X1130.9 KW @ 230V1.4 KW @ 230V3.916.080.91.4RUBBER (H07RN-F)8
    DS_4215_UK.pdf42152 X1.5161.1 KW @ 230V1.6 KW @ 230V4.786.951.11.6PVC8
    DS_4315_UK.pdf43153 G1.5151.2 KW @ 230V1.8 KW @ 230V5.217.821.21.8PVC7
    DS_4315_RNF_UK.pdf4315 RNF3 G1.5101.2 KW @ 230V1.8 KW @ 230V5.217.821.21.8RUBBER (H07RN-F)9.5
    DS_4325_UK.pdf43253 G2.5101.9 KW @ 230V2.5 KW @ 230V8.2610.861.92.5PVC10
    DS_4325_15_UK.pdf4325/153 G2.5151.9 KW @ 230V2.5 KW @ 230V8.2610.861.92.5PVC8.5
    DS_4325_RNF_UK.pdf4325 RNF3 G2.581.9 KW @ 230V2.5 KW @ 230V8.2610.861.92.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)11.5
    DS_4415_UK.pdf44154 G1.5111.4 KW @ 400V1.9 KW @ 400V3.54.751.41.9PVC8.5
    DS_4415_RNF_UK.pdf4415 RNF4 G1.591.4 KW @ 400V1.9 KW @ 400V3.54.751.41.9RUBBER (H07RN-F)10.5
    DS_4425_UK.pdf44254 G2.592.0 KW @ 400V2.7 KW @ 400V56.7522.7PVC11
    DS_4425_RNF_UK.pdf4425 RNF4 G2.562.0 KW @ 400V2.7 KW @ 400V56.7522.7RUBBER (H07RN-F)12.5
    DS_4510_UK.pdf45105801 BY111.51.0 KW @ 400V1.5 KW @ 400V2.53.7511.5PVC7.5
    DS_4515_UK.pdf45155801 BY1.591.4 KW @ 400V1.9 KW @ 400V3.54.751.41.9PVC9.5
    DS_4515_RNF_UK.pdf4515 RNF5801 BY1.581.4 KW @ 400V1.9 KW @ 400V3.54.751.41.9RUBBER (H07RN-F)12