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Technical features

  • Structure in aluminum and steel with epoxy painting
  • Side fixing flange in aluminum.
  • Roller cable guide mouth and stop tooth supplied only for the TYPE 1 models indicated in the table (the stop tooth is normally supplied disconnected, and can be easily inserted by the user before installation).
  • Collectors with a capacity of 32 – 60 – 100 A
  • Steel springs suitable for ensuring optimal pull on the cable and a long life.
  • Degree of protection IP 65.
  • Supplied complete with cable H05VV-F, H07RN-F or without cable.
  • Suitable for rewinding cables from 1 to 24 conductors, with a maximum length of 53 m.
  • The winders supplied by us complete with cable are equipped with a cable clamp suitable for the cable installed.
  • Supplied with 2,5 m input section.
  • Optionals and spare parts

    Swivel bracket
    This section illustrates the complete range of the cable reels of our production.
    Fixed bracket
    For wall, floor or ceiling installation. This optional is supplied not fitted.The cable reel can be fixed with optional bracket Art. 1703
    Safety Return safety device
    Safety device that slows down the uncontrolled winding of the cable, if the user inadvertently does not accompany it. This device is therefore activated, allowing the operator to work safely. Its application is recommended for manual use. This accessory can be installed only while assembling the cable reel and therefore it cannot be purchased separately.
    1704 -1708
    Oscillating arm
    Swinging arm, for installations with centreline feeding. The swinging arm art. 1704 cannot be installed with other optional accessories.These cable reels can, on request, be supplied complete with pliers:ATTENTION: it is NOT possible to install the stop tooth on the cable reels equipped with oscillating arm code 1704-1708.
    1706 - 1707
    Arm with cable guide entry and detent

    Data sheetArt.Number of conductorsCross-section (mm2)Cable length (m)Wound cable capacity (@20°C)Unwound cable capacity (@20°C)Power of wound cable ACable power played AKW wound cableKW cable playedCable typeCable diameter (mm)Capacity (A)
    DS_1711_UK.pdf17111 X1632PVC860
    DS_1712_UK.pdf17121 X2532PVC10100
    DS_170125_42_UK.pdf170125/421 X2542PVC10100
    DS_1717_UK.pdf17173 G2.5312.0 KW @ 230V3.5 KW @ 230V8.6915.2123.5PVC1032
    DS_1717_RNF_UK.pdf1717 RNF3 G2.5312.0 KW @ 230V3.5 KW @ 230V8.6915.2123.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)11.532
    DS_1718_UK.pdf17183 G2.5412.0 KW @ 230V3.5 KW @ 230V8.6915.2123.5PVC1032
    DS_1718_RNF_UK.pdf1718 RNF3 G2.5412.0 KW @ 230V3.5 KW @ 230V8.6915.2123.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)11.532
    DS_1722_UK.pdf17224 G2.5317.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC1132
    DS_1722_RNF_UK.pdf1722 RNF4 G2.5317.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)12.532
    DS_1723_UK.pdf17234 G2.5416.0 KW @ 400V8.5 KW @ 400V1521.2568.5PVC1132
    DS_1723_RNF_UK.pdf1723 RNF4 G2.5416.0 KW @ 400V8.5 KW @ 400V1521.2568.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)12.532
    DS_1724_UK.pdf17244 G2.5556.0 KW @ 400V8.5 KW @ 400V1521.2568.5PVC1132
    DS_1724_RNF_UK.pdf1724 RNF4 G2.5556.0 KW @ 400V8.5 KW @ 400V1521.2568.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)12.532
    DS_1726_UK.pdf17264 G42211 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115PVC1432
    DS_1726_RNF_UK.pdf1726 RNF4 G42211 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)1532
    DS_1727_UK.pdf17274 G42211 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115PVC1460
    DS_1727_RNF_UK.pdf1727 RNF4 G42211 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)1560
    DS_1728_UK.pdf17284 G42611 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115PVC1432
    DS_1728_RNF_UK.pdf1728 RNF4 G42611 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)1532
    DS_1729_UK.pdf17294 G42611 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115PVC1460
    DS_1729_RNF_UK.pdf1729 RNF4 G42611 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)1560
    DS_1730_UK.pdf17304 G43111 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115PVC1432
    DS_1730_RNF_UK.pdf1730 RNF4 G43111 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)1532
    DS_1731_UK.pdf17314 G43111 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115PVC1460
    DS_1731_RNF_UK.pdf1731 RNF4 G43111 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)1560
    DS_1732_UK.pdf17324 G44510 KW @ 400V13.5 KW @ 400V2533.751013.5PVC1432
    DS_1732_RNF_UK.pdf1732 RNF4 G44510 KW @ 400V13.5 KW @ 400V2533.751013.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)1532
    DS_1733_UK.pdf17334 G44510 KW @ 400V13.5 KW @ 400V2533.751013.5PVC1460
    DS_1733_RNF_UK.pdf1733 RNF4 G44510 KW @ 400V13.5 KW @ 400V2533.751013.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)1560
    DS_1735_UK.pdf17354 G61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC1760
    DS_1735_RNF_UK.pdf1735 RNF4 G61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)1760
    DS_1736_UK.pdf17364 G61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC17100
    DS_1736_RNF_UK.pdf1736 RNF4 G61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)17100
    DS_1737_UK.pdf17374 G62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC1760
    DS_1737_RNF_UK.pdf1737 RNF4 G62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)1760
    DS_1738_UK.pdf17384 G62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC17100
    DS_1738_RNF_UK.pdf1738 RNF4 G62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)17100
    DS_1739_UK.pdf17394 G64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC1760
    DS_1739_RNF_UK.pdf1739 RNF4 G64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)1760
    DS_1740_UK.pdf17404 G64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC17100
    DS_1740_RNF_UK.pdf1740 RNF4 G64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)17100
    DS_1742_UK.pdf17424 G101625 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530PVC2260
    DS_1742_RNF_UK.pdf1742 RNF4 G101625 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530RUBBER (H07RN-F)2260
    DS_1743_UK.pdf17434 G101625 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530PVC22100
    DS_1743_RNF_UK.pdf1743 RNF4 G101625 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530RUBBER (H07RN-F)22100
    DS_1744_UK.pdf17444 G102525 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530PVC2260
    DS_1744_RNF_UK.pdf1744 RNF4 G102525 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530RUBBER (H07RN-F)2260
    DS_1745_UK.pdf17454 G102525 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530PVC22100
    DS_1745_RNF_UK.pdf1745 RNF4 G102525 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530RUBBER (H07RN-F)22100
    DS_1746_UK.pdf17464 G104025 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530PVC2260
    DS_1746_RNF_UK.pdf1746 RNF4 G104025 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530RUBBER (H07RN-F)2260
    DS_1747_UK.pdf17474 G104025 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530PVC22100
    DS_1747_RNF_UK.pdf1747 RNF4 G104025 KW @ 400V30 KW @ 400V62.5752530RUBBER (H07RN-F)22100
    DS_1749_UK.pdf17494 G161635 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540PVC24100
    DS_170416___16T_UK.pdf170416 / 16T4 G161635 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540TPE21100
    DS_1750_UK.pdf17504 G163035 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540RUBBER (H07RN-F)24100
    DS_170416___30T_UK.pdf170416 / 30T4 G163035 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540TPE21100
    DS_1752_UK.pdf17525801 BY2.5227.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC12.532
    DS_1752_RNF_UK.pdf1752 RNF5801 BY2.5227.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)13.532
    DS_1753_UK.pdf17535801 BY2.5267.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC12.532
    DS_1753_RNF_UK.pdf1753 RNF5801 BY2.5267.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)13.532
    DS_1754_UK.pdf17545801 BY2.5317.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC12.532
    DS_1754_RNF_UK.pdf1754 RNF5801 BY2.5317.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)13.532
    DS_1755_UK.pdf17555801 BY2.5556.0 KW @ 400V8.5 KW @ 400V1521.2568.5PVC12.532
    DS_1755_RNF_UK.pdf1755 RNF5801 BY2.5556.0 KW @ 400V8.5 KW @ 400V1521.2568.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)13.532
    DS_1757_UK.pdf17575801 BY61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC1760
    DS_1757_RNF_UK.pdf1757 RNF5801 BY61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)18.560
    DS_1758_UK.pdf17585801 BY61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC17100
    DS_1758_RNF_UK.pdf1758 RNF5801 BY61717 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)18.5100
    DS_1759_UK.pdf17595801 BY62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC1760
    DS_1759_RNF_UK.pdf1759 RNF5801 BY62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)18.560
    DS_1760_UK.pdf17605801 BY62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC17100
    DS_1760_RNF_UK.pdf1760 RNF5801 BY62617 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)18.5100
    DS_1761_UK.pdf17615801 BY64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC1760
    DS_1761_RNF_UK.pdf1761 RNF5801 BY64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)18.560
    DS_1762_UK.pdf17625801 BY64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722PVC17100
    DS_1762_RNF_UK.pdf1762 RNF5801 BY64017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)18.5100
    DS_170516_15_UK.pdf170516/155801 BY161535 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540PVC24100
    DS_170_516___15T_UK.pdf170 516 / 15T5801 BY161535 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540TPE23100
    DS_170516_30_UK.pdf170516/305801 BY163035 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540PVC24100
    DS_170_516___30T_UK.pdf170 516 / 30T5801 BY163035 KW @ 400V40 KW @ 400V87.51003540TPE23100
    DS_1764_UK.pdf17648 X1.5224.5 A4.5PVC11.516
    DS_1765_UK.pdf17658 X1.5404.5 A4.5PVC11.516
    DS_1766_UK.pdf17668 X2.5177.5 A7.5PVC1432
    DS_1767_UK.pdf17678 X2.5267.5 A7.5PVC1432
    DS_1768_UK.pdf17688 X2.5407.5 A7.5PVC1432
    DS_1769_UK.pdf17698 X2.5557.5 A7.5PVC1432
    DS_1771_UK.pdf177110 X1.5174.5 A4.5PVC15.516
    DS_1772_UK.pdf177210 X1.5264.5 A4.5PVC15.516
    DS_1773_UK.pdf177310 X1.5554.5 A4.5PVC15.516
    DS_1775_UK.pdf177512 X1.5174.5 A4.5PVC1316
    DS_1776_UK.pdf177612 X1.5264.5 A4.5PVC1316
    DS_171215_40_UK.pdf171215/4012 X1.5404.5 A4.5PVC1316
    DS_1777_UK.pdf177712 X1.5554.5 A4.5PVC1316
    DS_171225_17_UK.pdf171225/1712 X2.5177.5 A7.5PVC17.532
    DS_171225_26_UK.pdf171225/2612 X2.5267.5 A7.5PVC17.532
    DS_171225_40_UK.pdf171225/4012 X2.5407.5 A7.5PVC17.532
    DS_1778_UK.pdf177816 X1320.1253PVC1516
    DS_1779_UK.pdf177916 X1.5184.5 A4.5PVC17.516
    DS_1780_UK.pdf178016 X1.5264.5 A4.5PVC17.516
    DS_1781_UK.pdf178116 X1.5404.5 A4.5PVC17.516
    DS_1782_UK.pdf178216 X2.5187.5 A7.5PVC23.532
    DS_1783_UK.pdf178316 X2.5267.5 A7.5PVC23.532
    DS_1784_UK.pdf178416 X2.5407.5 A7.5PVC23.532
    DS_171815_17_UK.pdf171815/1718 G1.5174.5 A4.5PVC17.516
    DS_171815_26_UK.pdf171815/2618 G1.5264.5 A4.5PVC17.516
    DS_171815_40_UK.pdf171815/4018 G1.5404.5 A4.5PVC17.516
    DS_171825_17_UK.pdf171825/1718 G2.5177.5 A7.5PVC23.532
    DS_171825_26_UK.pdf171825/2618 G2.5267.5 A7.5PVC23.532
    DS_171825_40_UK.pdf171825/4018 G2.5407.5 A7.5PVC23.532
    DS_1787_UK.pdf178725 G1.5164.5 A4.5PVC19.516
    DS_1788_UK.pdf178825 G1.5254.5 A4.5PVC19.516
    DS_1789_UK.pdf178925 G1.5404.5 A4.5PVC19.516
    DS_172525___15T_UK.pdf172525 / 15T25 G2.5157.5 A7.5TPE24.532
    DS_172525___25T_UK.pdf172525 / 25T25 G2.5257.5 A7.5TPE24.532