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Technical features

  • Steel structure with epoxy and technopolymer painting.
  • Side fixing flange in aluminum.
  • Collectors with 20 – 50 – 100A capacity.
  • Long lasting steel spring.
  • Degree of protection IP65.
  • Supplied without cable or with cable H05 VV-F and H07 RN-F.
  • Suitable for rewinding cables from 1 to 12 conductors.
  • Ambient temperature of use: -5 ° C / + 50 ° C.
  • Maximum rewind speed 30 m / min.
  • Collector insulation voltage 2.5 KV.
  • Cable reel supplied without bracket, without cable guide entry and without detent. These accessories can be purchased separately.

    Optionals and spare parts

    Swivel bracket

    Only suitable for manual use.
    For wall installation.

    Art. 1401

    Fixed bracket

    For wall, floor or ceiling fixing.

    Art. 1403

    Arm with cable guide mouth

    • Complete with stop tooth.

    Art. 1406

    Data sheetArt.Number of conductorsCross-section (mm2)Cable length (m)Wound cable capacity (@20°C)Unwound cable capacity (@20°C)Power of wound cable ACable power played AKW wound cableKW cable playedCable typeCable diameter (mm)Capacity (A)
    DS_1420_UK.pdf14201 X16225834/XF/31450PVC850
    DS_1421_UK.pdf14211 X2520100 A100PVC10100
    DS_1428_UK.pdf14283 G2.5222.0 KW @ 230V3.5 KW @ 230V8.6915.2123.5PVC1020
    DS_4415_CTP_UK.pdf4415 CTP3 G2.5202.0 KW @ 230V3.5 KW @ 230V8.6915.2123.5RUBBER (H07RN-F)11.520
    DS_1429_UK.pdf14293 G2.5252.0 KW @ 230V3.5 KW @ 230V8.6915.2123.5PVC8.520
    DS_1430_UK.pdf14303 G4173.0 KW @ 230V5.0 KW @ 230V13.0421.7335PVC12.550
    DS_1432_RNF_UK.pdf1432 RNF4 G1.5224.0 KW @ 400V6.0 KW @ 400V101546RUBBER (H07RN-F)10.520
    DS_1434_UK.pdf14344 G2.5207.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC1120
    DS_1434_RNF_UK.pdf1434 RNF4 G2.5177.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)12.520
    DS_1435_UK.pdf14354 G2.5207.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC1150
    DS_1435_RNF_UK.pdf1435 RNF4 G2.5177.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)12.550
    DS_1436_UK.pdf14364 G41411 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115PVC1450
    DS_1436_RNF_UK.pdf1436 RNF4 G41211 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)1550
    DS_1438_RNF_UK.pdf1438 RNF4 G61017 KW @ 400V22 KW @ 400V42.5551722RUBBER (H07RN-F)1750
    DS_1440_UK.pdf14405801 BY1.5204.0 KW @ 400V6.0 KW @ 400V101546PVC9.520
    DS_1440_RNF_UK.pdf1440 RNF5801 BY1.5174.0 KW @ 400V6.0 KW @ 400V101546RUBBER (H07RN-F)1220
    DS_1442_UK.pdf14425801 BY2.5177.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC12.520
    DS_1442_RNF_UK.pdf1442 RNF5801 BY2.5147.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)13.520
    DS_1443_UK.pdf14435801 BY2.5177.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710PVC12.550
    DS_1443_RNF_UK.pdf1443 RNF5801 BY2.5147.0 KW @ 400V10 KW @ 400V17.525710RUBBER (H07RN-F)13.550
    DS_1444_RNF_UK.pdf1444 RNF5801 BY41011 KW @ 400V15 KW @ 400V27.537.51115RUBBER (H07RN-F)16.550
    DS_1450_UK.pdf14508 X1200.1253PVC1020
    DS_1452_UK.pdf14528 X1.5174.5 A4.5PVC11.520
    DS_1454_UK.pdf14548 X2.5147.5 A7.5PVC1420
    DS_1460_UK.pdf146012 X1170.1253PVC12.520
    DS_1462_UK.pdf146212 X1.5144.5 A4.5PVC1320
    DS_1464_UK.pdf146412 X2.5107.5 A7.5PVC17.520